Added a lot of stuff in the Illustration section.

Also getting around to working on updating the Redbubble and Etsy soon.

I'm also trying experiments in social media, so I am now attempting the twitter, the link is at the bottom of the navigation bar for anyone curious. Also anyone into process, how tos and general art techincal babble, I've added to the Blog and the Patreon. So feel free to give those a look.


After a bit of debate and wibbling I've set up a Patreon page.

Feel free to give it a look, it updates faster than here or on the blog and a lot more process stuff will be on there. I'm also throwing my brain storming for some longer projects on there.

I've also added a few new pieces in the Illustration section and updated the Redbubble store.


Got a few new pieces in the Illustration section.

Soon I'll get around to updating the etsy, blog and Society 6 as I keep promising to.

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